27 Dec 2013

Lotsa Copper Dots


Here's the design I initially had planned for Christmas. It's a design I've done before, and you might remember my Lotsa Silver Dots post from a while back. I really like the style and wanted to do a golden/coppery version of it! 

I used: Catrice - Running Wild (two coats, from the Feathers and Pearls collection / Essence - Steel-ing The Scene (from the Metal Glam collection) / dotting tools 

More photos after the jump.

I like the gold/copper, but I think I prefer the silver version, what about you? :)


  1. Pretty! I wanna try something similar- I have a metallic duochrome that would look cool like this.
    Hope you had a jolly Christmas!

    1. Thank you! A duochrome would look fantastic :D

  2. This is gorgeous! I need to try a dotticure soon :)


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