4 Jan 2014

Swatch - Loaded Lacquer: Texting on the Dancefloor (matte)


You might remember how much I loved Loaded Lacquer's Texting on the Dancefloor, right? Well, it looks even better with a matte topcoat! To be honest, I say that a lot. There's just something about adding a matte topcoat to a glitter polish that makes it even more awesome. 
I'm in a mild state of panic at the moment actually, because it looks as if my favourite matte topcoat is being discontinued..... #Firstworldnailbloggingproblems

I used: Essence - Grey-t To Be Here (two coats) / Loaded Lacquer - Texting on the Dancefloor / Essence - Matt Top Coat

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You can see the turquoise glitter a lot better over this light grey base, too. I love this glitter mix! 

Loaded Lacquer polishes are hand-poured, 3-free and cruelty free.

Loaded Lacquer can be purchased on the website here, and you can keep up with new releases, giveaways and coupon codes on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.   

Do you prefer your glitters glossy or matte? :)  


  1. I am always surprised how much more a glitter shows itself after matting it.. sometimes there are bits you couldn't even spot when shiny!

  2. I laugh every time I see the name if this polish. It doesn't hurt that the glitter is pretty awesome too.

  3. Holy moly, that's gorgeous!
    I've been lusting after some Loaded lacquer polishes for a while now and this just made my list!

  4. Goodness me, that looks amazing!! I love Grey-t to be here as a base. It's perfect.


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