20 May 2014

Pastel Galaxy x Pink Galaxy


Remember the pastel galaxy nails I did recently? I already mentioned in that post I had used the galaxy print as the base for another look, and here it is! I finally used Nailed Kit's Pink Galaxy water slide decals, and I must say, I love how they look.

I used: Essence - Edward / Essence - Free Hugs / Essence - Oh My Glitter! / Essence - That's What I Mint! / Essence - Upper Green Side / Foxy Paws - Invisible Light* / Essence - Stampy Polish in white / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / Dotting tools / Nail art brushes / Nailed Kit Pink Galaxy* Water Slide Decals 

More photos and info after the jump!

For more info about the decals and my experience using them you can check out my review on Nailed Kit decals here

As a recap, here's how to use these funky lil' decals: 

/ Cut closely around the design you want to use
/ Hold the decal face down on your nail in the position you want it
/ Press a wet cotton ball or cloth against the back of the decal, making sure to wet it thoroughly
/ After 15 seconds, gently remove the back paper
/ Smooth out any wrinkles with a wet finger
/ Allow the decal to dry
/ Apply two coats of clear polish over the decal to protect it

They work exactly like those stick-on temporary tattoos! I use a pair of sharp tweezers to hold the decal in place on my nail and a cotton pad to wetten the decals. Also, make sure your polish is completely dry before applying these decals, as you will need to press them down on your nails quite a bit.

For this look I used three out of the four designs included in this set.

Nailed Kit offers monthly subscription boxes as well as nail art kits and water decals. These decals are non-toxic and cruelty-free and cost $8.00. Find them here

You can also connect with Nailed Kit on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

What do you think of these? Have you tried (Nailed Kit) water decals before?

These products were sent to me for an honest review. Please read my full disclosure here


  1. This stunning! The colour combination is amazing and the decals work perfectly with this design! :)

  2. This is all kinds of awesome!! What a great set of decals.


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