22 May 2014

Swatches - Renaissance Cosmetics: Wunderkammer Collection (+ Discount Code!)


Ohhh my. I think that was exactly what I said (out loud. to myself) when I unwrapped the latest collection from Renaissance Cosmetics - The Wunderkammer Collection. The five full-coverage and glitter top coat polishes that make up this collection are meant to inspire delight and wonder and are pretty enough to collect and put on display. Fun fact - I've got a little wire basket mounted up on my wall with notes and cards from indies I've worked with and a few of my "prized" polishes. Guess where the Wunderkammer collection sits?

Left to right: Porcelain Dream, Gilded Pleasure, Emerald Envy, Enamoured, Curio/Curiosity.

Follow the jump for swatches and my full review! 

All of the Renaissance Cosmetics shades I've tried so far (and I've tried a lot of them, I almost own their entire catalogue!) are very easy to apply and super pigmented. These are no exception. The formula on all of these is smooth and there's no need to fish for glitter or have the bottles sit upside down for a while prior to using them. 

Onto the swatches! 

This is Enamoured
Enamoured is a royal purple jelly with a golden/pink shimmer and bright blue iridescent flakes. It has the feel of a jelly but it is actually very opaque. I used two coats of Enamoured plus top coat for these photos. I love dark, vampy shades of purple, so this one will definitely get a lot of wear. 

Next up is Porcelain Dream
Porcelain Dream is a clear-based glitter topper with white satin and gold holographic glitter, as well as very small iridescent glitter and gold microglitter/flakes. For me it conjures up images of mermaids and champagne! I used one coat of Porcelain Dream over Essence's Date in the Moonlight, finished with a matte top coat.

Next is Curio/Curiosity
This is another clear based glitter topper with matte black and white squares, shards and hex glitter, as well as iridescent microflakes and shimmer. This is one of my favourites, and I couldn't resist layering it over a soft grey. I used one coat over Essence's As Long as You Love Me and finished with a matte top coat. I think matte top coats really make the glitter stand out more!

This is Gilded Pleasure
Gilded Pleasure is the last of the three glitter top coats in this collection. It has a clear base filled with gold, rose and bronze microglitter, as well as larger pink and red glitter and a few white squares. I layered one coat of Gilded Pleasure over Catrice's Mint Me Up. Combined with the minty shade it reminds me of luxe antiques. Once again, I used a matte top coat. 

And finally there's Emerald Envy
Emerald Envy is a holographic emerald green, with tiny gold and green glitter throughout. The holographic effect isn't very strong but will definitely come out in the sun. It's very opaque and you could probably get away with using just one coat. I used two coats and top coat for these photos. One thing worth mentioning though, Emerald Envy can leave your nails stained yellow if you're not wearing a base coat underneath.. Like me.. Go me! It won't stop me from wearing it though, just look at that golden sparkle!

Do I even have to say this? I love them. All of them. If I had to choose one favourite I'd go for Porcelain Dream, because it is unlike anything I own and will probably look amazing over any base colour. 

Renaissance Cosmetics polishes are cruelty-free and 3-free. The Wunderkammer collection is available now on the website, full sized bottles are priced at $9.50.

Oh, and before I forget - I also have a discount code to share with you! If you've been lusting after some of their shades for a while, or want to get your hands on all of some of the Wunderkammer Collection shades, please use my discount code squeaky15 for 15% off your order! The code can be used once per person and is valid until June 6th 11:56est.

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So, which of these stunners is your favourite? 

These products were sent to me for an honest review. Please read my full disclosure here


  1. I actually adore all of these polishes! They each are gorgeous in their own way. My favourite might be Emerald Envy or Enamoured, I keep changing my mind haha :) I also love how you combined Gilded Pleasure, it looks amazing with Mint Me Up!

  2. I'm in love with Emerald Envy!

  3. I quite like Porcelain Dream - I just can't tire of glitter toppers and matte combination. So good, gah.

  4. Porcelain Dream is definitely my favorite, what a beautiful colours!

  5. Great swatches! I think Emerald Envy is my favorite though out of this collection. ;)

  6. These are amazing.. Looks so classicly beautiful, all of them..

  7. They're all gorgeous, but Gilded Pleasures over that green is stunning!

  8. Ooooh Gilded Pleasure ♥ so good!


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