2 Jun 2014

Lady Gaga artRave Octopus Girl Nails


Here are some nails I did a few weeks ago, right after the first images of Lady Gaga's new artRave stage outfits were released. These were inspired by this outfit, which I believe is referred to as her Octopus Girl look. It's one of my faves this tour, and I might recreate some of her other looks, too. After all, I've done Applause artwork nails too :) Are any of you fans of Gaga or going to see her artRave show? Do let me know, I'm curious!

I used: Essence - Edward (Nail Art Twins Reloaded Colour Base, two coats) / Essence - Stampy Polish in white / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / Dotting Tools


  1. I love the fuck out of your Applause nails - some of my favourite nail art ever and is on the list for me to copy! Heheh :D I love that Octopus Girl look - looks totally like Seuss grade shit.

  2. I love these, they're really fun - but there's a softness to them too that I really like.


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