18 Aug 2014

Stamped Astronaut


First of all - I made some changes to my layout! I might still change some things here and there but I think I'm happy with the way it looks now. Do let me know what you think :)
Now, if you read my post on Tip Top's Astronaut you might remember me saying I used Astronaut as a base for some stamping, too, so I wanted to show that today. The Tip Top polishes I have tried so far all dry super quick, making them perfect as base colours for stamping.

I used: Tip Top - Astronaut / Essence - Stamp Me! in black / Cheeky Jumbo plate B

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15 Aug 2014

Swatch - Tip Top: Astronaut


I thought it was time to show you one of the awesome polishes I was recently sent by Tip Top! Tip Top is a South African nail polish brand I have discovered through reading Ordinary Misfit's blog, thanks Michelle! I already knew they'd be good so I was really excited to get the chance to try some. 
I've already showed two of the polishes I received in my stamping decals tutorial by the way, so if you are curious about Gold Digger or Blue Meets Green, go check out that post first.

This is Tip Top - Astronaut (two coats)

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12 Aug 2014

Swatch - Spell Polish: Ignoramus


I'm back with another shade by Spell Polish! The one I'll be showing you today (if you missed my previous Spell post, find it here) is called Ignoramus, part of the "The Duds We Once Loved" collection. When I was swatching this one I quite happily discovered it is unlike anything I own -gasp-. I always love it when that happens and seeing how I own a lot of purples it is also rather rare. Ten points to Spell Polish!

This is Spell Polish - Ignoramus (one coat) layered over Essence - Prom-Berry, finished with Nayll - Smooth it Out Glitter TopCoat.

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10 Aug 2014

Swatch - Spell Polish: Invisible Forces


I think most people who are into (indie) nail polish will know the feeling of obsessing over really, really wanting to try something from a specific brand. Right? That's me, with Spell Polish. Heather, the brain behind Spell Polish, kindly sent me a few shades to try and I am so excited to share my thoughs on them today. You might have already seen Invisible Forces and Phenomenal Woman used in two of my OMD posts, here and here but these stunners deserve a post of their own!

This is Spell Polish - Invisible Forces (one coat) over Essence - Date in the Moonlight 

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8 Aug 2014

Tutorial - Stamping Decals


This is a very exciting post for me - I finally decided to try and make a photo tutorial! I have been asked to do tutorials for a while now and kept putting it off because I wasn't sure how to go about making one. A few days ago I decided I would just give it a try and see how it goes. Today's tutorial will be on how to make stamping decals, or stamping nail wraps. If you feel like stamping isn't for you or would like some more details (and more colour) in your stamped manicures, read on! If you're looking for some stamping tips in general, check out this post I wrote earlier this year.

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6 Aug 2014

Snapshot - Clusters


Let's just pretend it's the weekend so I can publish a snapshot post, okay? ;) I did this look for the duochrome theme of the OMD Challenge, but ended up posting something else. I am so in love with Essence's Power Girl, it's by far my favourite duochrome! 

I used: Essence - Power Girl (from the Superheroes collection) / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / various duochrome rhinestones (bought on Ebay)

3 Aug 2014

Monthly Favourites July (Nail Artists)


Last month I did my first ever monthly favourites post and you might remember me saying I was gonna switch up the focus of these posts. Since I have been focusing on nail art the entire month of July and haven't been trying many nail care products or indie polishes, I want to share some of my favourite bloggers and IG'ers this month. I tried to pick four very different bloggers who all have a very distinct (and awesome!) style and I have discovered most of them over the last two months. 

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1 Aug 2014

OMD Challenge 2014 - Roundup


I thought I'd publish my Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux nail art challenge roundup (phew) today. Creating a fancy colour coordinated collage of all of my nail art looks was one of my favourite parts of the challenge last year and I was already excited about this year's collage when the challenge started, haha.

My personal favourites were Day 11 - Rainbow, Day 22 - Feathers and Day 30 - Fashion Inspired. What was your favourite? 

31 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 31 - Signature Style


I'm done! Guys, it's already the final day of the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux nail art challenge! How weird is that. 
Just like last year, I really enjoyed doing a month long daily challenge because it forces you to try new nail art techniques and styles. I'll be doing a challenge roundup post soon, as well as a monthly favourites post. Anyway, today's theme is signature style. I guess you could say doing glitter gradients and adding a matte top coat is my signature style, haha. 

I used: Bys - Black Satin / Renaissance Cosmetics - Porcelain Dream* / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / Hema - Top Coat Matt 

30 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 30 - Fashion Inspired


So for the first time in two years of me doing this challenge, I skipped a prompt. I just wasn't feeling yesterday's theme (national pride) and I was having major issues with my camera and light box. Oh well.
Today's theme, however, is one I had been looking forward to from the start. I had spotted this pattern (used in the Chanel spring/summer 2014 collection) in a magazine a few months ago and remember thinking how awesome that could be on nails. I finally gave it a go! Instead of using a ton of different polishes to create the little paint-like swipes, I mixed a few basic colours with white and black polish to create my own shades.

I used: Etos - 122 / Essence - Wanna Be Your Sunshine / Essence - Do You Speak Love? / Essence - The Boy Next Door / Catrice - Mint Me Up / Gosh - Wild Lilac / Bys - Black Satin / Essence - Stamp Me! Polish in white / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / Dotting Tool / Nail polish remover (to make the mixing process a bit easier)

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