23 Nov 2014

Review - Born Pretty Store BP-19 Stamping Plate


I've got a review of one of Born Pretty Store's own brand of stamping plates for you today! They recently released a whole bunch of new stamping plates and I was sent some to try out. The one I used today is the BP-19 plate (find it here, it's #17264 on the website) with the leafy autumnal theme. 

I used: Bys - Black Satin / Foxy Paws - Invisible Light* / Born Pretty Store BP-19 stamping plate* / Essence - Stamp Me! silver

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21 Nov 2014

Swatch - Canvas Lacquer: Caribana Parade


I've got one more Canvas Lacquer polish to show you! I'm all for a pop of colour in gloomy weather and Caribana Parade (or, as I like to call it, Capibara Parade) is a pretty summery one, inspired by the Carribbean Carnival held in Toronto every year. I like when brands release the colours they want to release, regardless of the traditional bright colours for spring/summer vs darker, muted colours in autumn/winter "rules"! 

This is Canvas Lacquer - Caribana Parade (three coats, finished with top coat)

Canvas Lacquer Caribana Parade | Squeaky Nails

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20 Nov 2014

Swatch - Canvas Lacquer: Yorkville Splurge


I've got another Canvas Lacquer shade to show you today. This is my first glitter topper by Canvas Lacquer so I was really excited to try it. I feel glitter toppers are sometimes underrated and underappreciated - I think they can add so much to a basic creme nail polish and I really love wearing them. 

This is Canvas Lacquer - Yorkville Splurge over Canvas Lacquer - Polar Bear Dip

Canvas Lacquer Yorkville Splurge over Canvas Lacquer Polar Bear Dip | Squeaky Nails

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19 Nov 2014

Swatch - Canvas Lacquer: Polar Bear Dip


I've got some more Canvas Lacquer polishes to show you! I swatched a few of their polishes a while ago (find those posts here and here) and absolutely loved them, so I'm really excited I was sent three more shades to try out :)

This is Canvas Lacquer - Polar Bear Dip (two coats)

Swatch - Canvas Lacquer Polar Bear Dip | Squeaky Nails

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18 Nov 2014

Bundle Monster 2014 "Create Your Own" Collection - Scanned


A few days ago I received the "Create Your Own" 2014 collection of stamping plates from Bundle Monster that I won! 
I got a great response last time I scanned a set of stamping plates (the Sun Kissed collection, find that post here) so I decided to scan this collection too. I haven't tried any of the plates yet but I'll do a full review on this set soon. 

Bundle Monster 2014 "Create Your Own" Collection - Scanned | Squeaky Nails

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15 Nov 2014

Swatches - Cirque: Live It Up Collection


I am so excited about my post today, I get to show you the Live It Up collection by Cirque Colors! I've long admired this brand online, so I was extremely happy to be contacted by Annie, the creator of Cirque, about trying some products.
You might have seen me mention these polishes in my first edition of Squeaky News (find that here if you missed it) and I'm happy to report they are just as beautiful as they looked in the press release!

Clockwise from top left: 8 Crazy Nights / Holo-Day Cheer / One More Time / 1999 / Let's Dance

Swatches and Review - Cirque Colors Live It Up Collection | Squeaky Nails

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12 Nov 2014

Swatches - Black Dahlia Lacquer: Beach Jasmine, Wild Cherry Blossoms & Brantwood


Like I mentioned in my first post starring Black Dahlia Lacquer (find that one here), I was sent six shades in total and I'm gonna be showing you the other three today!
These three polishes are in three colours I very rarely show on my blog and that's not because I don't love them! I actually love wearing reds and bright shades of pink but my camera totally freaks out when presented with bright, warm colours. I changed some settings on my camera, figured out how to edit my photos differently and accepted the challenge ;) So hey, wanna see some super bright, warm colors?

From left to right: Beach Jasmine / Wild Cherry Blossoms / Brantwood  

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9 Nov 2014

Snapshot - Brocade Kelp


I thought I'd bring back my snapshot posts for the weekend, where I show you some recent nail art without blabbering on going in to too much detail about the products or techniques used.
Here's some stamping I did over one of Doctor Lacquer's ChromoZones, with Bundle Monster's Sun Kissed collection. Stamping over multichromes is one of my favourite things to do, especially when finished with a matte top coat! The print with the velvet-y, matte polish underneath totally reminds me of brocade fabric :) 

I used: Doctor Lacquer - The World of the Coral Sea* - Essence - Stamp Me! in black / Bundle Monster BM-501* / Hema - Top Coat Matt 

Brocade Nail Art with Bundle Monster Sun Kissed | Squeaky Nails

*Press samples. Please read my full disclosure policy here