18 Dec 2014

Dainty Snowflake Decals


I know I did snowflake nail art just a few days ago (find that post here) but I could not resist using these adorable snowflake water decals Born Pretty Store sent me. Water decals are perfect for dainty, delicate designs like snowflakes! 

I used: Spell Polish - Escaping Gravity* (one coat over a purple creme) / Born Pretty Store snowflake water decals*

Dainty Snowflake Water Decals over Spell Polish Escaping Gravity | Squeaky Nails

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16 Dec 2014

Holo-Day Gradient


It seems the season for festive nail art has really begun! I want to make the most of the holiday-themed products I own, so I used one of Cirque Colors' newest glitter toppers for today's look. I mean, It's not like you can't use a green/red/gold glitter topper year round, but it makes sense to use them this time of year ;) 
Oh, one more thing I just have to mention one more time; I am obsessed in love with how Cirque polishes smell. That clary sage/lavender scent is perfection.

I used: Catrice - Running Wild (from the Feathers & Pearls collection) / Cirque Colors - Holo-Day Cheer* / Essence - Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer

Glitter gradient with Cirque Colors Holo-Day Cheer | Squeaky Nails

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14 Dec 2014



Heh, see what I did there? It seems stamping snowflakes over a matte, glittery base is all the rage now in the nail blogosphere so I just had to join in. I'm also glad to see flakies are being appreciated again, they're still my favourite type of glitter. I used one of my Bundle Monster holiday collection stamping plates here, I'd better make the most of them this season! 

I used: Essence - Date in the Moonlight / Essence - City That Never SleepsEssence - Stamp Me! polish in silver / Bundle Monster - BM-H01 stamping plate* / Hema - Top Coat Matt  

Snowflakies stamping with Bundle Monster BM-H01 | Squeaky Nails

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12 Dec 2014

Swatch - Spell Polish: Chasing Our Shadows


I've got some gorgeous Spell Polish to share today. This is one of their Magichromes! I think I've swatched this polish about 4 times now because I was never happy with the photos I took of it. Some multichromes just do not want to be captured by my camera. I finally tried layering it over a black base and that (almost) did the trick, haha.

This is Spell Polish - Chasing Our Shadows (one coat over black)

Spell Polish Chasing Our Shadows | Squeaky Nails

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10 Dec 2014

Swatch - Renaissance Cosmetics: An Eternal Doll


It's time to share the last of the three new Renaissance Cosmetics polishes I was sent! This is another one from the Modern Vamp collection, and a surprise favourite of mine. An Eternal Doll is pretty much my idea of a perfect cream/nude polish!

This is Renaissance Cosmetics - An Eternal Doll (two coats)

Renaissance Cosmetics An Eternal Doll | Squeaky Nails

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7 Dec 2014

Swatch - Renaissance Cosmetics: Sex, Death and Rock 'n' Roll


I've got another Renaissance Cosmetics polish from the Modern Vamp collection to show you. This is one of the shades I got ridiculously excited about when I saw the first teaser photos on Instagram! I've probably said this before, but I love how this brand focuses on the formula and creating unique polishes instead of just following the latest trends in the indie world. This is definitely a unique shade and I absolutely love it.

This is Renaissance Cosmetics - Sex, Death and Rock 'n' Roll (two coats)

Renaissance Cosmetics Sex, Death and Rock 'n' Roll | Squeaky Nails

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5 Dec 2014

Swatch - Renaissance Cosmetics: Blood/Lust


So like I mentioned in my Squeaky News post a few days ago, Renaissance Cosmetics just released two new collections. I was sent three shades from the Modern Vamp collection, a six-piece collection based on Meghan's favourite TV and movie vampires. It seems Meghan has gotten to know me pretty well because she sent me the three shades I was most curious about! 

This is Renaissance Cosmetics - Blood/Lust (three coats)

Renaissance Cosmetics Blood/Lust (Modern Vamp collection) | Squeaky Nails

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2 Dec 2014

Squeaky News #2 (Renaissance Cosmetics, Cirque Colors, piCture pOlish)


It's time for the second edition of Squeaky News! If you missed the very first one you can find it here

Today I've got news about Renaissance Cosmetics' newest collections, a very exciting giveaway from Cirque Colors and the latest collaboration shades by piCture pOlish. 

Squeaky News #2 with Renaissance Cosmetics, Cirque Colors and piCture pOlish

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