31 Jan 2016

Review - Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station


If you follow me on Instagram (@squeakynails) you might have already seen me raving about Bundle Monster's upcoming Mochi Stamping Station but I'd like to share my full review with you all here today! 

The Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station, or Mochi Stamper, is a very large squishy and semi-sticky stamper, inspired by a soft Japanese dessert called chi chi dango. This XL stamper can be used to pick up large stamping images in one go, create large decals or as a tool for reverse stamping. The size of it is perfect to pick up an entire buffet style image and can stamp on multiple fingers with just one pick up. Now, I didn't exactly know what to expect when this arrived and decided to put it to the test. Curious about what I thought? Read on after the jump! 

Review - Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station | Squeaky Nails

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24 Jan 2016

Dainty Gradient


I'm back! My little hiatus turned into a much longer hiatus than planned, but I am back and excited to get back to the whole nail art and blogging game. 

I received a brilliant (and inspiring!) parcel from Bundle Monster this week, filled with tons of new and exciting nail art goodies. One of the items I could not wait to try was their new-ish liquid latex Poli-Peel Cuticle Protector, so I put it to the test! I'll have my full review on Poli-Peel up on the blog later this week but I wanted to share this look with you all first. This is one of those nail art looks I would be very hesitant to try without having a liquid latex product on hand, haha. 

I used: Essence - Absolutely Blue / Essence - Beautiful Lies / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat* / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in White / Bundle Monster - Poli-Peel Cuticle Protector* / Bundle Monster BM-XL174* stamping plate 

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20 Oct 2015

Swatch - CANVAS Lacquer: Kirk Steele (Broad City Collection)


I received three gorgeous new shades from CANVAS Lacquer a little while ago and I'd like to share the first of those with you today! CANVAS has just released the "Broad City" collection - inspired by the sitcom Broad City, that follows two best friends in their twenties and their antics in a big city. CANVAS is one of my favourite brands so I couldn't wait to try these.

This is CANVAS Lacquer - Kirk Steele (two coats with top coat) 

CANVAS Lacquer Kirk Steele | Squeaky Nails

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9 Oct 2015

Swatch - piCture pOlish: Big Bang


If you spotted my recent Squeaky News post (if not, you can find it here) you might have seen the new collaboration shades piCture pOlish released. They look incredible, so I was very, very happy I was sent one of these shades by Pretty Polish - a nail polish etailer based in the Netherlands! I received Big Bang, created with French blogger La NPA Mouton

piCture pOlish Big Bang | Squeaky Nails

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6 Oct 2015

Bundle Monster Work It! Gym Junkie Set - Scanned


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the photo I shared of the brand new Bundle Monster Work It! set of stamping plates I received last week. The Work It! collection features 15 sporty plates in total, with each plate focusing on a specific sport. Today I want to share some high-res scans of the Gym Junkie set! 

Bundle Monster Work It Gym Junkie collection - Scanned | Squeaky Nails

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26 Sep 2015

Birthday Florals


It's my birthday! 
I'm not sure what I'll be doing today, but I hope it involves eating sushi and petting goats, haha. 

I wanted to do something in the line of the gem nail art I did last year (find it here) for today but I was just having one of those days where none of my nail art attempts worked. So I went for these beautiful floral nail foils by Catrice paired with a classic glitter gradient!   

I used: Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Shimmer Polish - Alice* / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat* / Catrice Nails in Bloom nail foils (part of the Eve in Bloom collection)

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22 Sep 2015

Squeaky News #11 (piCture pOlish, Cirque Colors, Polished by KPT, Lemming Lacquer, KBShimmer, Bundle Monster & Foxy Paws)


It's time for a new edition of Squeaky News! I always love the jewel toned beauties coming out this time of year so I've got lots of new autumn/halloween collections to share today. We'll look at the latest from piCure pOlish, Cirque Colors, Polished by KPT, Lemming Lacquer, KBShimmer, Bundle Monster and the re-opening of Foxy Paws Polish. Phew, that's quite a list! Let's get right to it :) 

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20 Sep 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum Nails


So I have this thing for puzzle games on my phone (I used to play them on Neopets, but that's a whole other story), especially if they're really cute puzzle games. When Melissa introduced me to Tsum Tsum a few weeks ago I was instantly hooked. I've thought about doing Tsum nails pretty much since the moment I saw it and finally sat down to do just that today! If you follow me on Instagram (@sqeakynails) you might have seen an earlier version of these, before I decided I wasn't completely happy with how Zero and Piglet turned out so I replaced them with one of my favourite stamped images. 

I used: Renaissance Cosmetics - L'Hiver (two coats) / Essence - L.O.L / Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Catrice - Planet Tokyo / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in White / Essence - Inkheart / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat / Essence - Matt About You matte top coat / Nailz Craze NC02 stamping plate / Bundle Monster Brush Kit

Disney Tsum Tsum Nail Art | Squeaky Nails

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