28 Mar 2015

Swatches - Chloe & Bella 2015 Spring Collection (the Twinkles)


I'm back today with the second half of the Chloe & Bella 2015 Spring/Easter collection. If you missed the first part, with the three cremes, you can find that here. The second half of this collection consists of three pastel glitter toppers that match with the three creme shades. I tried layering these glitters a couple of different ways and decided I would show them to you swatched over a black base. This way, you can really see the glitter mixes well and how versatile they are. 

From left to right: Aubergine Twinkle / Strawberry Twinkle / Tangerine Twinkle 

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22 Mar 2015

Swatches - Chloe & Bella 2015 Spring Collection (the Creams)


I've got another new spring collection to show you today. Chloe & Bella released their 2015 Spring collection yesterday (also mentioned in my latest Squeaky News post here) and they were kind enough to send a full set along for me to try. This collection consists of three creamy pastel shades and three matching pastel glitter top coats, and I've got the three cremes to show you today. I thought showing six polishes and extra layering options in one post would be a bit much, haha, so I'm splitting them up. 

From left to right: Chloe & Bella - Aubergine Cream / Strawberry Cream / Tangerine Cream 

Chloe & Bella 2015 Spring Collection (the Creams) | Squeaky Nails

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19 Mar 2015

Swatches - CANVAS Lacquer: The Spring Fling Collection


I get to share the beautiful new Spring Fling collection by CANVAS Lacquer with you today! If you've been reading my blog for a while you might know how much I adore CANVAS Lacquer, and their new collection is another winner for me. The four-piece Spring Fling collection features two pink holos, a green creme with a shimmery finish and a fun pastel glitter topper. Let's take a look. 

Clockwise from top left are: Allan Gardens Affair / Less Dressed / In Bloom / Tempts are Rising

CANVAS Lacquer Spring Fling collection | Squeaky Nails

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14 Mar 2015

Watercolour Flowers


I guess I'm just very much into floral patterns at the moment, seeing how most of my recent posts have featured some type of flower. For today's post I wanted to experiment with a watercolour effect using one of the Stained Glass polishes (find my thoughts on those here) by Laquered Up and regular polishes diluted with nail polish remover. I played with different types of nail art brushes, as well as dry brushes and different amounts of remover and I quite like the irregular effect of these flowers. 

I used: Chloe & Bella - White Out* / Laquered Up - Lavender Lunette* / piCture pOlish - Jade* / Tip Top - Feeling Blue-Tiful / Tip Top - Cyan Can-Can / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat*

Watercolour Flowers | Squeaky Nails

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12 Mar 2015

Feeling Floral


I'm back with some more stamping today - this time using the brand new Secret Garden collection by Bundle Monster (you can find scans of all of the plates here if you missed my post). Along with the new plates I also used a new polish the sweet Michelle aka Ordinary Misfit sent me a while ago.

I used: Tip Top - Feeling Blue-Tiful / Essence - Stamp Me! in white / Bundle Monster BM-711*

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8 Mar 2015

Watching the Birds


I'm still taking a bit of a break from the internet but I wanted to share something I did for Zsa Zsa this morning. Not that she cared about nails at all, but you know. Something she did care for, aside from napping and snacking, was watching the seagulls and pigeons outside while snuggled in bed or perched on the windowsill. So birds it is.

I used: Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Essence - Stamp Me! in white / Bundle Monster - BM-508*

5 Mar 2015

Zsa Zsa

Sweet dreams, little girl. May they be filled with chicken, salmon and plenty of sunbathing.
27-06-1995 / 03-03-2015

2 Mar 2015

Bundle Monster Secret Garden Collection (Buffet Style) - Scanned


You might have noticed Bundle Monster has recently released another new collection of stamping plates, the Secret Garden collection. Presented as a "buffet style" set, this collection features borderless images - a first for Bundle Monster! The best part is, this borderless style allows for nails of all sizes! You can choose exactly which part of the images you want to use and how to position them. I couldn't wait to play with this collection but I thought I would scan the plates first and share those images with you. I did three manicures using this collection right after scanning the plates, so prepare to see a lot of stamped nails here soon :) 

These plates measure 5.5cm in diameter, the same size we're used to from round Bundle Monster plates, by the way! 

Bundle Monster Secret Garden scans

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