6 Oct 2015

Bundle Monster Work It! Gym Junkie Set - Scanned


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the photo I shared of the brand new Bundle Monster Work It! set of stamping plates I received last week. The Work It! collection features 15 sporty plates in total, with each plate focusing on a specific sport. Today I want to share some high-res scans of the Gym Junkie set! 

Bundle Monster Work It Gym Junkie collection - Scanned | Squeaky Nails

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26 Sep 2015

Birthday Florals


It's my birthday! 
I'm not sure what I'll be doing today, but I hope it involves eating sushi and petting goats, haha. 

I wanted to do something in the line of the gem nail art I did last year (find it here) for today but I was just having one of those days where none of my nail art attempts worked. So I went for these beautiful floral nail foils by Catrice paired with a classic glitter gradient!   

I used: Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Shimmer Polish - Alice* / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat* / Catrice Nails in Bloom nail foils (part of the Eve in Bloom collection)

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22 Sep 2015

Squeaky News #11 (piCture pOlish, Cirque Colors, Polished by KPT, Lemming Lacquer, KBShimmer, Bundle Monster & Foxy Paws)


It's time for a new edition of Squeaky News! I always love the jewel toned beauties coming out this time of year so I've got lots of new autumn/halloween collections to share today. We'll look at the latest from piCure pOlish, Cirque Colors, Polished by KPT, Lemming Lacquer, KBShimmer, Bundle Monster and the re-opening of Foxy Paws Polish. Phew, that's quite a list! Let's get right to it :) 

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20 Sep 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum Nails


So I have this thing for puzzle games on my phone (I used to play them on Neopets, but that's a whole other story), especially if they're really cute puzzle games. When Melissa introduced me to Tsum Tsum a few weeks ago I was instantly hooked. I've thought about doing Tsum nails pretty much since the moment I saw it and finally sat down to do just that today! If you follow me on Instagram (@sqeakynails) you might have seen an earlier version of these, before I decided I wasn't completely happy with how Zero and Piglet turned out so I replaced them with one of my favourite stamped images. 

I used: Renaissance Cosmetics - L'Hiver (two coats) / Essence - L.O.L / Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Catrice - Planet Tokyo / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in White / Essence - Inkheart / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat / Essence - Matt About You matte top coat / Nailz Craze NC02 stamping plate / Bundle Monster Brush Kit

Disney Tsum Tsum Nail Art | Squeaky Nails

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17 Sep 2015

Matte & Metallic


This look was (as most are, really) the result of a rummage through my Helmer drawers in search of a colour palette. I store my nail polish by colour so I usually open a drawer, grab around 10 shades that catch my eye and work around those. This was also one of those days where I wanted to try something other than my Essence stamping polishes to stamp with and I love how both of these performed. 

I used: Essence - Beautiful Lies / Aly's Dream Polish - Garnet Dreams* / Foxy Paws - Too Lost in You* / Catrice - Metalfusion / Chloe & Bella - Crystal Clear top coat* / Essence - Matt About You matte top coat / Born Pretty Store BP-L-003 stamping plate* 

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2 Sep 2015

Black & White & Geo


So.. I'm still catching up on reading all of the blog posts I missed during my week offline (my gosh, I never realized my Bloglovin' feed moves so quick!) and was scrolling through my "must reads" folder when I spotted this post by Very Emily. I love the contrast between the black and white combined with the geometric stamping! 

I used: Chloe & Bella - White Out* / Chloe & Bella - Black Out* / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in Black / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in White / Born Pretty Store BP-L-003 stamping plate 

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30 Aug 2015

Squeaky News #10 (Cadillacquer, Glam Polish, Uber Chic Beauty & Mentality Nail Polish)

Hi everyone,

My little blogging break unintentionally turned into a mini hiatus (thank you, internet provider, for deciding I didn't need internet for a full week!) but I am back today and ready to get back into the swing of things here on Squeaky Nails. To help myself catch up to everything that has happened in the last two weeks I've got the tenth edition of Squeaky News to share with you today, featuring some of the most exciting indie releases and, unfortunately, a bit of indie polish drama. 

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11 Aug 2015

Summer Manicure Musthaves


I thought I'd do something different today, and share my current hand- and nailcare favourites. I tend to switch up the products I use every once in a while and I'm really liking my current team.

First up is Endless Glove by Soap and Glory. This hand cream contains macadamia and grapeseed oils, as well as pomegranate and shea butter and is marketed as a 2-in-1 hand cream & moisture mask. I'm not a huge fan of the harsh fruity scent (yuzu, orange oil, green fig and pomelo) but it does its job well. It sinks in quite quickly when you use a small amount but you can build it up to use in combination with cotton gloves to really lock in that moisture.

Something rather new to my routine are these mani fizzies by Polish Alcoholic. Like mini bath bombs, these guys fizz away in warm water and contain a nourishing blend of oils to pamper your hands. These are made to order and available in a variety of scents and colours. The vanilla fizzies are my favourite! 

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter by Lush is such staple product. This citrus  scented (some find it overpowering, I adore it!) butter is one of the best cuticle products I've ever tried. I always use this at night, to give it the time it needs to sink in and apply a generous amount on my hands, focusing on the cuticle area. 

And of course, my mini manicure set by Mont Bleu. I always have this in my make-up bag on the go and have lost count of how many times it has come in handy. This really is a must-have for me.  

Have you tried any of these? What products do you consider manicure must-haves? Tell me in a comment down below! :D