23 Apr 2014

Squeaky Nails x SoNailicious (The Whys, Whats and Hows of Cruelty-Free Nail Polish)


Wait, two posts on one day?!

I recently had the opportunity to write an article for the brilliant SoNailicious blog. I wrote about the whys, whats and hows of cruelty-free nail polish and cosmetics. It's something that is hugely important to me so please do give it a read and tell me what you think about the subject!

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Swatch - Aly's Dream Polish: Electric Violet


It's time to show you the last of the three shades Aly's Dream Polish sent me. I wish I had more to show you, the formulas are so good! You might recognize this one from my Nailed Kit review, where I used Electric Violet as a base.

This is Aly's Dream Polish - Electric Violet (two coats)

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20 Apr 2014

Swatch - Aly's Dream Polish: Garnet Dreams


I've got another beautiful shade by Aly's Dream Polish to show you all today. Garnet Dreams is the one that excited me most when I opened the package! For me this is one of those shades you just keep picking up and turning round under different lighting, admiring the colour and the sparkle. 

This is Aly's Dream Polish - Garnet Dreams (two coats)

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18 Apr 2014

Swatch - Aly's Dream Polish: Ocean


I recently received a lovely blogger package from Aly's Dream Polish with three beautiful holo-bombs. Aly's Dream Polish is probably best known for making holographic polish in every shade imaginable, and I'm totally dreaming about having a full rainbow line-up! I'm excited to show you the first of them today :)

This is two coats of Aly's Dream Polish - Ocean

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16 Apr 2014

Snapshot - Motherboy


Here's a quick snapshot of something I wore this week, the beautiful Motherboy by Happy Hands (sadly discontinued) over my trusty Grey-t To Be Here by Essence. Motherboy features a brilliant mix of pastel pink, blue, lime and purple hex glitter in a clear base, and I've yet to find a base colour it didn't look great on. So glad I got this when I still could! 


13 Apr 2014

Swatch - Essence: Power Girl (Superheroes Collection)


Okay, this might be a bit unfair, showing you all something that's no longer available. I only just discovered its magic myself, and I just had to share. Don't hate me! Power Girl was part of the Essence Superheroes limited edition collection that came out in February. It being a duochrome, I wasn't expecting it to be as pretty as it showed in the bottle. Well.. 

This is one coat of Essence - Power Girl over one coat of Essence - Date in the Moonlight.

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11 Apr 2014

Review - Nailed Kit Water Slide Decals (Blue Daisy)


I've got some funky water decals by Nailed Kit to show you today! Nailed Kit's water slide decals were recently revamped and improved and I'm very happy I got to try them. 

I used the Nailed Kit - Blue Daisy Decals* over two coats of Aly's Dream Polish - Electric Violet*, finished off with a coat of Hema - Top Coat Matt

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8 Apr 2014

Swatch - Flormar: Black Dot BD01


Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably know how much I love quirky (matte) glitter, right? So I was really happy to find an alternative to the gorgeous Speckled polishes Illamasqua released a while ago at Flormar. The effect is less subtle, but the idea is the same - dark, matte glitter in a light coloured base. Sounds perfect! 

This is Flormar - Black Dot BD01 (two coats)

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6 Apr 2014

My Spring/Summer (Sprummer?) 2014 Picks


Even though the weather here is anything but springy, I thought I'd show you some of my spring/summer nail polish picks today. I personally don't really care about wearing darker colours in the autumn/winter season and pastels and brights in the spring and summer, but I do find myself reaching for shades with a brighter glow or sparkle now that they're finally visibible to the naked eye without my camera's flash :)

From left to right, top to bottom:
Models Own - Lime Green
Catrice - Mint Me Up
Flormar - Black Dot BD05
Foxy Paws - Baby Come Home

Liquid Sky Lacquer - Thinking of You*
Polish Alcoholic - Sweet Cotton Candy*
Catrice - Call me Princess
Essence - Oh My Glitter! 

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3 Apr 2014

Snapshot - Lilac Illusion


I can't be the only nail blogger out there with a hard time choosing what to wear on my nails, right? I don't mean to brag, but my stash has grown a lot this past year, and it's getting difficult to settle on something! One glitter top coat I've grabbed numerous times before and I'm still not tired of is PolisHaus' Illusion. The sort of subtle mix of matte, holographic and iridescent glitter works great on lots of different base colours, and it's looking to become my go-to glitter topper. Illusion is my new flakies, yo. 

I used: Gosh - Wild Lilac (two coats) / PolisHaus - Illusion* (one coat)