21 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 21 - Animal Print


Today's Oh Mon Dieu challenge theme is animal print! Unlike yesterday's chevron print, animal prints are something I can stil very much appreciate. I thought about doing a couple different things for today but then I remembered my Sparkly Shop charms! What better to use for an animal print theme than an actual little 3D critter? Man, these charms are so fun to use. Don't forget, if you want to place an order over at The Sparkly Shop, use my discount code "Squeaky15" for 15% off your order :D 

I used: Catrice - ASHley / Essence - Gold Digger (from the Metal Glam collection) / Cheeky Viva Mexico stamping plate / Nayll - Smooth it Out Glitter TopCoat* / The Sparkly Shop Lizard Charm*

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20 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 20 - Chevron


The theme for day 20 of the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge is chevron. I quite like the chevron print but feel like I've seen it incorporated in nail art a few too many times. It's been really popular on Tumblr and Instagram for ages and I think I just got tired of seeing it. I was really glad to find a chevron image on one of my stamping plates (even though it was on a Bundle Monster plate, those are always a bit too small for my nails, hence the crooked pattern), I'm guessing this would not have turned out very well if I would have had to freehand these stripes.

I used: Aly's Dream Polish - Ocean* / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in black / Bundle Monster BM-423 stamping plate / Nayll - Smooth it Out Glitter TopCoat

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19 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 19 - Ombre


Ombres, gradients... If you do a google image search for either of those nail art techniques you'll find the same photos, pretty much. According to The Swatchaholic an ombre is where you paint your nails in different shades of the same colour, so that's what I went with here. 
The darkest colour I used here really is darker than the one on my ring finger by the way, my camera just decided to focus on the shimmer - making it appear a lot lighter in photos! 

I used: Essence - Hello Marshmallow! / Gosh - Wild Lilac / Essence - Romeo / Catrice - Dance In Gion (from the Neo Geisha collection) / Renaissance Cosmetics - Curio/Curiosity* / Hema - Top Coat Matt 

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18 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 18 - Dots


For day 18 of the OMD challenge the theme is dots.. Mmm, seems like I've already done two designs with dots this challenge! For today I wanted to keep it simple (might have something to do with how it's just way too hot to do intricate stuff with gloopy nail polish) and clean. So i'll keep it short here! 

I used: Hema - No Name / Renaissance Cosmetics - The Danforth - Dotting tool

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17 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 17 - Galaxy


So today's Oh Mon Dieu challenge theme is galaxy. I did some galaxy nail art a while ago and while I kind of wanted to do a realistic galaxy design today I instead decided on doing something similar to this look by Manicurity. I'm not completely happy with how the lines came out but I did get to use one of my new Spell Polish glitters! I'll be showing you guys the three Spell polishes I received soon! 

I used: Bys - Black Satin / Teeez - Icy / Spell Polish - Invisible Forces* / Etos - 122 / Nayll - Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat / Dotting tool / Nail art brush

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16 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 16 - Glitter Placement


Today's OMD challenge theme is glitter placement. If you're not familiar with glitter placement nail art, I strongly suggest taking a look at the blog of the queen of glitter placement herself, Polish All The Nails. Seriously, that ish is amazing. I, on the other hand, am not a genius with loose glitter, so I cheated on this theme! I used a glitter placement stamping plate :) 

I used: Aly's Dream Polish - Garnet Dreams* / Essence - Stamp Me! Silver / Bundle Monster BM-408 stamping plate / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat  / Hema - Top Coat Matt

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15 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 15 - Abstract


For today's Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge theme, abstract, I tried to recreate one of Damien Hirst's spot paintings. I picked one (this one) that's a bit messier and drippier than most of the spot paintings. Might I just note here, that nail polish does not drip like paint? At all? Maybe I should have added thinner to my polish to let it drip, but for this look I just used a mini nail art brush to add the drips by hand! 

I used: Etos - 122 / Essence - Date In The Moonlight / Essence - Wanna Be Your Sunshine / Catrice - Bloody Mary To Go / Hema - unnamed / Essence - The Boy Next Door / Essence - Madly Purpled (from the Floral Grunge collection) / Essence - Upper Green Side / WIC by Herome - Kyoto / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / Hema - Top Coat Matt / Dotting tool / Nail art brush

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14 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 14 - Funky French


If you've been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed there are a few nail art styles and techniques I never do. Well, funky French (a slightly more modern take on the classic French manicure), today's OMD challenge theme, is one of those. I'm just not a fan. I guess I'm happy we didn't have to do a classic French manicure!

I used: Essence - Grey-t To Be Here / Essence - Romeo (Nail Art Twins reloaded colour base) / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat

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13 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 13 - Ikat


The theme for the challenge today is Ikat. I have been seeing the Ikat print everywhere and I really love it on nails. And it's something I have been wanting to try to do myself, too. Now that I know the Ikat print is easy to do and not very time consuming I can see it becoming a staple here, haha. Already thinking of fun colour combos to try this with!

I used: Essence - I'm So Very / Catrice - Mint Me Up / Essence - Stamp Me! polish in white / Bys - Black Satin / Essence - Quick Dry Top Coat / small nail art detailing brush

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12 Jul 2014

OMD Challenge Day 12 - 3D


The theme for the Oh Mon Dieu challenge tody is 3D. Charms are 3D, right? I was recently sent a few nail charms by The Sparkly Shop, a new shop founded by Chantelle and Laura (you might know Laura as the queen of sparklies on the blog Polish All the Nails) that sells a crazy selection of charms and studs. You really should take a look at all the things they have, I mean, mini pizza slices for on your nails? Check. Multicoloured rhinestone peacocks? Check. Teeny tiny bedazzled gold lizards? Check! Love it. On a sidenote, I have the lizards too, can't wait to show you! If you want to order yourself some Sparkly Shop charms (and I think you do) use the code "Squeaky15" for 15% off your order!

I used: Essence - That's What I Mint / Bys - Black Satin / The Sparkly Shop Pink Flamingo charm* / Dotting tool 

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